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A unique visit in Sweden from influential Kuwaiti industrialist.

For some time ago the Swedish event and racing company, Prosport AB hosted a very exciting visit from one of its partners in Kuwait, Mr. Ahmed Al Kharafi from Adan Holdings. Along with representatives from the team, he was given the opportunity to visit some selected Swedish, innovative export-oriented corporations with ambitions to expand their business, preferably to Kuwait. Some of the benefits of such an export development, accordingly to Mr. Kharafi is several new facilitation and benefits for companies that want to invest in Kuwait.

Among some of the advantages that Mr. Kharafi presented was the heavily subsidized price of land for industrial establishments, strong support from the local authorities, low taxes and cheap transportations when Kuwait is mainly an importing country.

Mr. Kharafi mentioned as an example that: “Most containers today leaves the area practically empty which is beneficial for those who want to export goods from Kuwait. The ability to reach huge markets like China and India is significant. Also, the low production costs in the country contribute to a substantial competitive advantage against those markets”.

Among the visited companies during the week there was both manufacturing companies and businesses in the service-producing sector. Several meetings also led to such positive results that the new discussions will be initiated shortly in both in Sweden and Kuwait.

“Prosport’s part in this is to create business opportunity’s between the team’s sponsors and partners. The long and fruitful cooperation across borders is already on the merit list, and this is an activity that we, together with our expansion and new venture will focus further on, ” says Niclas Johansson, Vice President Marketing & Business Development at Prosport.

During the exciting week, Mr. Johansson was responsible for an extensive program with the Kuwaiti guest. Companies were visited from Uppsala in the north to Copenhagen in the south. In parallel to the tour, a program has been ongoing regarding how we can develop our platform. “Underlying this is our basic idea of making us an attractive organization relating to the sponsorship of our various activities, racing, sailing, and athletics. Our role as an intermediary between these parties is ultimately something that will give the company the necessary funds to its core business and enables new international initiatives,” says Mr. Johansson.

One highlights during this week were the closing race of the M32 Series races in Copenhagen.
The M32 organizers invited us to thrilling sailing experiences in M32 boats, another very successful Swedish product and concept currently spread worldwide. We also had the opportunity to talk with part of the organization behind the venture and take notes of how they organize this on a global basis.
Mr. Karafi and Mr. Johansson had the opportunity to accompany two of the boats during the competition in ‘hot seats,’ which means to be on board as guests during a race heat.

“Exciting to take part in the experience up close and see how much effort and teamwork required to operate these extreme boats to it´s maximum. The M32 concept could surely be something to Kuwait to support when such events are engaging both for local business as for the sports fans in Kuwait including the entire UAE region,” according to Mr. Kharafi.

The team’s CEO, Stefan Lindberg, who was attending the Copenhagen agenda has a long and victorious past in both racing, sailing, and hockey. Mr. Lindberg has a broad international network in both the business world and within the world of sports. One of his duties in the team is to ensure that the right parties can come together on the Prosport platform. The number one purpose with this is to facilitate and create new openings to reach new exciting audiences and markets for our partners.

A recent example of this is Mr. Linbergs relationship to Börje Salming. During the winter, the team decided to be sponsors to Bianca Salming, Börje’s daughter, who is one of Swedens most successful young athletes. She took the opportunity during the indoor season to become Swedish champion for both juniors and seniors.

New projects are now initiated, all aimed at intensifying contacts between Kuwait and Sweden in several areas. What these are we will come back to as soon as further formalities and discussions make this possible. But this much can be said that the possibilities of success in both the short and long term are good as our partner in Kuwait together with its network can offer our partners different openings and opportunities for a successful export drive to the UAE area.

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